Courgetti or Spaghetti?


Pasta – one of the ultimate comfort foods. But not so comforting to me anymore once I realized that I can’t eat it without suffering the consequences on that dreaded scale. And let me tell you I was very skeptical when I read about “courgetti”, the zucchini version of spaghetti. But it’s absolutely delicious and leaves you even more satisfied than the real deal.

For me it’s perfect, because usually I always eat seconds when it comes to pasta. One plate is not enough, I’m never satisfied, I keep wanting more. Not sure why. And then when I’m done, I feel both guilty and stuffed.

The zucchini version satisfies me after one plate, not because it doesn’t taste good, in the contrary! I’m simply not hungry anymore and my mind is telling me I had a healthy meal and it makes me feel good. Mentally and physically.

So if you were having doubts about this courgetti and if you were wondering if it’s worth the effort; it certainly is!

And don’t worry… it’s easily prepared and you really don’t need a special appliance for it or anything; just use a big knife (and please make sure you don’t confuse the zucchini with your fingers).

Get started by making your favorite pasta sauce, replace the spaghetti with zucchini strings and you’re ready to go. Enjoy!


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