Forgive me, readers, for I have sinned. It’s been 9 months since my last confession. And I’m guilty of almost all 7 sins. 

First there was pride. I had accomplished so much and my head was in the clouds, knowing how great this felt I was certain I would never ‘go back’ again. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. Obviously. How many before me have said it and failed? Right.. Because in some way, shape or form we all know greed and gluttony. And laziness. Though I must say this last one hasn’t haunted me as much. Fortunately, I’m still very active, still riding my bike to work, going places on foot instead of by car, and I even started running!  So not a lot of laziness going around. But I have noticed my body is objecting to all the excessive exersising I’ve been subjecting it to during the past two years. Therefore I haven’t been visiting the gym as much as I used to. But that’s OK. Too much of a healthy habit could turn out to be counterproductive. If I keep asking too much of my body, it could fail alltogether and where would that leave me? 

However, in the meantime I’ve gone from pride to envy and wrath. Envious of those who seem to be able to eat what they want without repercussions. Or better said; envious of those to whom it seems to come naturally, to eat only when hungry and not for all the other reasons my twisted mind has somehow decided to justify as a reason for indulging. The wrath part is a bit exaggerated, of course, but in modest form it exists and it is pointed at myself for sabotaging my weight loss. For wanting it so badly and still not being able to resist the temptations way too often these days.

But now it’s time. Now that I’ve confessed to all these sins, publicly and without shame, it is time to forgive myself and carry on. I’m making a choice. Simple as that. My sins end here.

Disclaimer: this piece may implicate some form of religion, but it is 100% satirical. However, I do believe in myself. In my strength to continue my fight, even though lately it seems to be a major struggle, I will never give up. Even though I have regained a small part of the weight I initially lost, I will not go back to where I started two years ago! I will take back control and treat my body the way that it deserves to be treated. I have done it before and I will do it again! 


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